Quest to perfect Gyoza skins

I had a horrible experience with gyoza the first time I made it. I was cocky and thought I could handle the rolling part and ended up with the thickest and toughest skins like a **** . I still ate it but only for the sake of not wasting the filling ( I seldom ate the skins too because I was too hungry and that shit was the only thing left in my fridge at that time ). In addition to that, one of my friend literally spitted everything out right at the moment he chewed and said : Filling is too weird for me. Nice try, friend asshole. And I spent all the time to make it. Other one said it needs to be improved more.Oh well, you don’t have to but thanks for trying. It’s just I fucked up so hard. The filling part is inexcusable.So there you have it, it terrifies me for quite a long time until today, after endless time drooling over thousand pictures on tumblr I decided to try it out again. Beside, I’m a bit on Japanese food lately.

There’re generally 4 recipes
– One with AP flour
– Combination of bread flour and cake flour ( Mostly Japanese seems to follow this )
– One with entirely cake flour
– One with AP flour and rice flour ( kinda odd but very promising)

So I actually went with the second one because in my silly theory: Bread flour gives the better texture – chewy and springy.Cons is if you over work it, the dough is gonna be tough as fuck.That’s when you put cake flour in, the low gluten will minimize your chance of your dough become drier and tougher. As for last recipe, since the poster claims it will result in crispy skins, I really need to test it out. Definitely will be another day.

The hardest part of making these types of wrappers is that you have to get it thin as possible. A thick one will make you feel full very soon and leave unpleasant doughy feeling.

After mixing all the ingredients, knead for a few minutes and let it rest for at least 30′.I left mine for 45′ I think. Then roll it out into log, and cut it into 25 pieces.And rollingggg.

Been struggle for a while and I found out this is the most efficient way to stretch the dough.Wrap it around some plastic wrap.It’s easier and you don’t need a lot of flour nor oil. Remember the thinner the better. Think of it as an work out after spending days and days of eating of surfing the internet and it’s good for you body too.

You can use anything to cut it or being a half ass perfectionist like me and use a cookie cutter. Ha. Neat trim and better looking indeed

You know you’re doing it right when the dough becomes almost transparent like this. Hell yeah. Just ignore the ugly shape it bears

One crucial thing is to FLOUR BETWEEN EACH SKINS VERY WELL. I mean it or else you end up like this.

Fuck me. It sticks to each others so hard and I was all jaded and sweated like a pig in the kitchen already. Now I had to peel it one by one.My patience went down the drainĀ and I was too angry so I smashed the whole shit up. Yeah,it just happened.

Damn it.I though I could have it this time. But the little Asian in me kicks in. This is my fault. I need to fix it. I went this far. I couldn’t just stop there. I mean I crack the macaron bitch so how hard could this be ? Come on. Again, I miserably cut it, rolled it, floured it very WELL this time.

It works !! Look at this magnificent little shit.

Awesome, isn’t it ?

I put in on the tray and refrigerate them

This will give you plenty room to stretch out when you add the filling.

Now, the only question left is will this dough rock hard and taste great when cooking because I worked on it intensively. I never know for I have absolutely nothing to make the filling. I need to go out to pick up some groceries. So stay for part 2


Updated : I’ve written this post since April 2014 & never published hhaaha. Yes I did go our & buy ingredients for the filling & I ate it. And yes, it was too garlic chives for me. Too strong. Will update if I feel like it.